Boot Camp Personal Trainer Shares His Best Fitness Tips

Signs you are Physically Unfit

Being physically fit to work out is important. If you are overweight or tend to get short of breath when you climb stairs, these are signs that you are not fit enough to take up demanding exercises.

Being unfit, you will not be able to concentrate on working out – more often than not you will have one eye on the exit door while using weights. Or, if an exercise is difficult you might say it is not possible to do the same, or look for short cuts.

Worse still, you might ignore early signs of not being fit enough and wait till you reach a breakdown stage to see a doctor. So look out for the signs mentioned below to avoid reaching a crucial stage:

A lethargic feeling

If the oxygen in your body does not move around at the right pace you will not feel energetic enough to work out. A feeling of lethargy and tiredness will dog you throughout the day. Keep in mind that exercise increases the blood flow; so try and do light workouts under the guidance of Dangerously Fit Personal Training.

Feeling breathless?

Feeling breathless is not normal – especially when climbing stairs, walking fast or carrying anything heavy. So if you experience any breathlessness it could be a sign that you are physically unfit, and you need to undergo medical testing to check if specific treatment is required.

Obese problem

As mentioned above being overweight is definitely a sign of being physically unfit. The extra kilos that you carry around on your body will put a strain on your cardiovascular system which in turn can cause heart disease and hypertension. Going in for the right work-outs under the supervision of a personal trainer will help you to shed some of the unwanted kilos.

Importance of a good night’s sleep

If you are physically unfit you will probably not enjoy a good night’s sleep. You might take time to sleep or experience fitful sleep, waking up frequently during the night. To overcome this problem you should look at doing daily exercise which will help to regulate your melatonin (sleep hormone).

Suffering from sore muscles?

If you are not fit, you will not enjoy proper respiration. Respiration happens in two separate stages – one called aerobic which produces energy when oxygen is present. If the oxygen gets depleted you will switch over to the anaerobic stage of respiration which has less efficiency. A waste product called lactic acid is then produced and this can result in sore and aching muscles. By working out for about half an hour a day with a Rushcutters Bay boot camp you should be able to overcome the negative phase.

Avoiding getting injured

If you feel tired and your shoulder aches while carrying a few shopping bags, it is a sure sign of being physically unfit. This problem can be avoided if you concentrate on strength and cardio training. Such workouts will help to strengthen the connective ligaments improving your flexibility and preventing injuries from taking place.