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Tips to Fake an Entryway

With rising cost of housing, few people these days can afford a large house with spacious entryway. Open floor plans are the latest trend where you just walk into the living room without passing through a foyer. Smaller homes are definitely affordable but without an entryway, you are likely to bring in outside dirt and allow draft or rain to seep into your living space. 

However, if you plan your interior decoration in the CBD with thought and a little research, you can easily create an illusion of having a proper foyer even in a modestly sized house. 

Install a Slim Console 

A slim; custom-made console can make for a great focal point in a narrow space. It adds extra style and is extremely useful for picking up keys, bags, sunglasses, umbrellas and other items that you require as you rush out of the front door. You guests too can do the same before entering your living room. 

Add Colours and Depth

Another effective way of creating a faux foyer is to add colour and depth to your space. Designed wallpapers in bold colours and pattern add style and elegance to a small foyer and lend it a personality of its own. You can even install a large work of art to demarcate your foyer and make it a focal point. 

A great interior decoration trick is to install a gilded mirror. These look beautiful by themselves and also add depth to a narrow foyer, making it look spacious and inviting. 

Install a Bookcase Divider 

A bookshelf is another great idea to demarcate your foyer from the living space. It is best if you have an open book shelf that has shelves on both sides.

That way, you can keep decorative items and other essentials on the shelves facing your front door while you can keep your books on the shelves that face your living space. Such a book shelf saves space, is extremely functional and creates the illusion of a foyer. 

And a Bench and Hooks

Similar to a console table, a bench too can define your entryway. Select a seating space with minimal decoration or simple rustic looks in order make your narrow space look organized and spacious. You can even keep a basket under the bench to hold essentials or keep shoes. This makes for maximum utilization of a small space while creating a fake entryway. 

Install a few hooks on one side of the wall to hang coats, backpacks, tote bags and other essentials. 

Turn Furniture towards the Living Area

This is perhaps the cheapest and quickest way of creating a faux foyer when you don’t have much money to invest or time to shop around for things. 

As part of your fantastic interiors, just place all seating arrangements facing towards the living room close together a little distance away from the front door. This creates an illusion space between the front door and the main conversation area in the living room. 

When well-maintained, even the back sides of your sofas and chair can make your entryway look very inviting indeed. 

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