Train With A Bulgarian Bag At CrossFit To Reduce High Blood Pressure

As a person diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is advisable that you should do away with situations that trigger stress.

Although science did not officially linked stress to high blood pressure, it is always recommended to find relaxation activities in order to reduce anxiety and negative energies in the body.

Bad habits must be eliminated
Health threatening activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided (if not completely eliminated). Smoking specifically narrows the arteries which will lead to less blood flow in the veins and high blood pressure.

Excessive alcohol, on the other hand, makes you gain weight which can become a risk for people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Both increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack so you need to completely do away with them.

Again, take extra care of yourself to fully control high blood pressure. Show love for your body all the time by observing proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and eliminating health-threatening habits.

This may sound hard but with discipline and time management, you can certainly control high blood pressure naturally.

Good habits must be adhered to

Exercise is a must if you want to keep a healthy heart. Exercise and diet are the two biggest factors when it comes down to reducing your blood pressure.


Here is how I recommend you exercise;

Bulgarian Bag Training

Bulgarian bags are one of the hottest fitness trends right now, with good reason. The are versatile, will elevate your metabolic rate and provide you with an all round fantastic workout. If you would like to learn more about Bulgarian bag training I highly recommend you check out the Bulgarian Bag Twitter profile to get some great new ideas.


CrossFit is one of the most high energy, fat burning workouts on the planet. If you want to be superfit, join CrossFit and watch your blood pressure drop in weeks. If you want to find out more about CrossFit check out CrossFit Ulladulla on Facebook.