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Train With A Bulgarian Bag At CrossFit To Reduce High Blood Pressure

As a person diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is advisable that you should do away with situations that trigger stress.

Although science did not officially linked stress to high blood pressure, it is always recommended to find relaxation activities in order to reduce anxiety and negative energies in the body.

Bad habits must be eliminated
Health threatening activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided (if not completely eliminated). Smoking specifically narrows the arteries which will lead to less blood flow in the veins and high blood pressure.

Excessive alcohol, on the other hand, makes you gain weight which can become a risk for people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Both increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack so you need to completely do away with them.

Again, take extra care of yourself to fully control high blood pressure. Show love for your body all the time by observing proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and eliminating health-threatening habits.

This may sound hard but with discipline and time management, you can certainly control high blood pressure naturally.

Good habits must be adhered to

Exercise is a must if you want to keep a healthy heart. Exercise and diet are the two biggest factors when it comes down to reducing your blood pressure.


Here is how I recommend you exercise;

Bulgarian Bag Training

Bulgarian bags are one of the hottest fitness trends right now, with good reason. The are versatile, will elevate your metabolic rate and provide you with an all round fantastic workout. If you would like to learn more about Bulgarian bag training I highly recommend you check out the Bulgarian Bag Twitter profile to get some great new ideas.


CrossFit is one of the most high energy, fat burning workouts on the planet. If you want to be superfit, join CrossFit and watch your blood pressure drop in weeks. If you want to find out more about CrossFit check out CrossFit Ulladulla on Facebook.

Personal Trainer Shares Kettlebell Training Tips To Train Entire Body

Balance and mobility

Progression in age needs your leg strength to be good for moving around. By doing kettlebell rack squats regularly you will be able to increase your leg strength a good bit. Not only your legs, your stabilizing muscles, balance and core can also be improved immensely.

The communication necessary between your different muscle groups and the brain to prevent any act of falling down is also improved, thus avoiding fractures and having to take large doses of calcium and bone supplements.

Exercise for the entire body

Kettlebell Rack Squats are indeed a multi-purpose exercise as they tone and tighten the abs, behind, and legs. Muscles that benefit from squats help with regulation of glucose, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism thus protecting the body from obesity, cardiovascular ailments and diabetes.

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Fat burning

Squats have proven that they are one of the best ways to burn calories and build muscle. Every pound of muscle gained helps the body to burn around 50-70 number of calories in a day. Taking a gain of around 10 pounds in muscle build up, your body will burn around 500-700 calories a day compared to earlier efforts.

Sports front

Squatting has been compared to having a good quota of athletic ability. This exercise has helped many athletes in Europe to jump higher and run faster. In fact a personal trainer would recommend that it becomes a virtual part of all athletic training programmes. A good personal training certification will teach students how to train with kettlebells the proper way, average courses just teach generic stuff.

Helping with injury prevention

When athletes sustain injuries it is often due to weak muscles, connective tissues and ligaments. Doing squats helps to strengthen the items mentioned heretofore. It also improves flexibility especially in areas like the hip and ankles, and is great for maintaining balance.

So do not mistakenly think that squats are just exercises for the legs. The whole body benefits from doing squats, so it should be included in your regular workout routine. As mentioned above it can be done anywhere without requiring any special gym equipment.

Group Personal training Burleigh Heads – A Cost Effective Way to Lose Weight

Many fitness enthusiasts are of the opinion that Online Personal training is a much more cost effective way of losing weight. But there are others who swear by weight loss surgeries, liposuctions and other fad methods popularized by skinny celebs.

To know whether or not other weight loss methods are cheaper and a more fruitful way of losing your fat compared to Online Personal fitness training, you have to first consider the expenses involved with each.


Personal Training for your Weight Loss Goals
Following are some popular quick weight loss procedures and how much they can actually cost.

Liposuction Cost

Liposuctions are usually performed in the Day Surgery department of hospitals or cosmetic surgery clinics. It will require intravenous sedation and local anaesthesia. The approximate cost of a liposuction procedure can be anything between $3,500 and $6,500. This includes accommodation and theater fees of $1,100.

A larger, more major liposuction surgery needs to be performed in a hospital setting and you will require general anaesthesia. Of course, the charges are much higher because of the additional fees involved.

Private health funds can approximately cover $500 of the entire bill. But since it is an elective cosmetic procedure, you won’t receive any rebate from Medicare. Most insurance companies may not provide coverage for such cosmetic surgeries.

Bariatric Surgery Cost

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is extremely expensive. But the actual bill that you have to foot may depend on several factors such as post-surgery medications, hospital or clinic fee, anaesthetist fee, surgeon’s fee and the kind of surgery performed.

Gastric band surgeries cost an average of $10,000 to $14,000 approximately and the bad news is that your Medicare will not cover a gastric band surgery.
Cost of Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck is another easy way to flatten your potbelly and it is probably the most popular body contouring surgery in the world.

Unfortunately, in Australia, a full tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty can set you back by as much as $10,000. Sometimes, it is covered by medical insurance, but in most cases it is not. The Dangerously Fit Academy teaches trainers how to help people lose weight without the need for surgery.

Cons of the Above-mentioned Weight Loss Methods
The problems with all the above mentioned cosmetic weight loss procedures are that you have to maintain your newly sculpted body with a healthy, nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. If you go back to your couch potato ways, you will pile back all the lost pounds in no time at all. In many cases, you don’t put back the weight where you were operated, as the fat cells were removed.

But all the other areas surrounding the post-operative area will bloat up if you are not careful about your diet and exercise. So as you can understand, these are not permanent weight loss methods. The weight loss has to be maintained with sufficient amount of exercise and diet control.

Cost of Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training on the other hand costs as little as $30 per week or $120 per month. If you upgrade your membership, you can get full and free access to state of the art gyms. For those searching for package deals, there are Online Personal training classes which require participants to pay the full amount at one go.

If paying the full amount is too expensive for you, the trainers can arrange easy weekly debits for your fitness coaching with Dangerously Fit Personal Training.

For Online Personal training to be really effective, you have to attend at least 4 weeks of training and exercise three times a week. An unlimited one month package will cost hardly $360 that is, $15 only per session while you shall have to shell out $720 approximately for an unlimited three month package. This means you are paying only $10 per session.

If you are unsure whether Online Personal training is right for you or not or whether you will be able to cope with the arduous, military style agility drills or not, you can purchase a month’s starter’s package for as low as $50 and try out Personal  fitness training for yourself.

All the prices mentioned above are indicative and are for general guidance only.

The cost of Online Personal training may vary from one company to another, from one gym to another and may fluctuate wildly from the prices mentioned here. Some instructors charge more, while others charge less.

To learn the exact amount that you shall have to pay for the number of days per week you wish to exercise, you have to contact the organisers of your chosen Online Personal training program.

Signs to take a break from kettlebell training

Signs you need to take a Break from your kettlebell Workouts

When you are desperately looking for ways to become slimmer and to lose weight it might be difficult to accept that even you might stand some risk from over exercise. However Dangerously Fit personal trainers says that over exercising has its own sets of problems and there are times when the body sends up signals saying I need a break. These are some of the typical scenarios when you should take a break from your regular kettlebell workouts.

Cranky mood swings
According to a Dan Clay a Fitness Australia CEC provider, if you are feeling irritated, listless and cranky then it could be a sign that you are working out too much. Overwhelming your body is not a wise thing to do as you need to take a methodical graduated approach to fitness.

If you notice yourself getting irritated at friends and family and feeling depressed then perhaps its time to take a couple of days break from your kettlebell workouts.

Running on empty tanks

Rest Days: 4 Ways to Know If You Need a Break from Your Workout

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Working out regularly with a personal trainer will help you lose weight but it will also deplete your energy stores and drain your muscles. You need to give your body enough rest and adequate nutrition to recover before moving on to the next series of kettlebell workout sessions.

Whenever you feel the onset of fatigue or body cramps then treat these as signals to take a break from your workouts. Drink plenty of fluids to ensure that your body regains strength.

Steel Mace Australia have some fantastic ideas when it comes to resting your body, check out their website for more info.

Design Your Interiors With Style!

Tips to Fake an Entryway

With rising cost of housing, few people these days can afford a large house with spacious entryway. Open floor plans are the latest trend where you just walk into the living room without passing through a foyer. Smaller homes are definitely affordable but without an entryway, you are likely to bring in outside dirt and allow draft or rain to seep into your living space. 

However, if you plan your interior decoration in the CBD with thought and a little research, you can easily create an illusion of having a proper foyer even in a modestly sized house. 

Install a Slim Console 

A slim; custom-made console can make for a great focal point in a narrow space. It adds extra style and is extremely useful for picking up keys, bags, sunglasses, umbrellas and other items that you require as you rush out of the front door. You guests too can do the same before entering your living room. 

Add Colours and Depth

Another effective way of creating a faux foyer is to add colour and depth to your space. Designed wallpapers in bold colours and pattern add style and elegance to a small foyer and lend it a personality of its own. You can even install a large work of art to demarcate your foyer and make it a focal point. 

A great interior decoration trick is to install a gilded mirror. These look beautiful by themselves and also add depth to a narrow foyer, making it look spacious and inviting. 

Install a Bookcase Divider 

A bookshelf is another great idea to demarcate your foyer from the living space. It is best if you have an open book shelf that has shelves on both sides.

That way, you can keep decorative items and other essentials on the shelves facing your front door while you can keep your books on the shelves that face your living space. Such a book shelf saves space, is extremely functional and creates the illusion of a foyer. 

And a Bench and Hooks

Similar to a console table, a bench too can define your entryway. Select a seating space with minimal decoration or simple rustic looks in order make your narrow space look organized and spacious. You can even keep a basket under the bench to hold essentials or keep shoes. This makes for maximum utilization of a small space while creating a fake entryway. 

Install a few hooks on one side of the wall to hang coats, backpacks, tote bags and other essentials. 

Turn Furniture towards the Living Area

This is perhaps the cheapest and quickest way of creating a faux foyer when you don’t have much money to invest or time to shop around for things. 

As part of your fantastic interiors, just place all seating arrangements facing towards the living room close together a little distance away from the front door. This creates an illusion space between the front door and the main conversation area in the living room. 

When well-maintained, even the back sides of your sofas and chair can make your entryway look very inviting indeed. 

Want to find out more?

Head on over to interior designers North Shore to get your free info pack!

Boot Camp Personal Trainer Shares His Best Fitness Tips

Signs you are Physically Unfit

Being physically fit to work out is important. If you are overweight or tend to get short of breath when you climb stairs, these are signs that you are not fit enough to take up demanding exercises.

Being unfit, you will not be able to concentrate on working out – more often than not you will have one eye on the exit door while using weights. Or, if an exercise is difficult you might say it is not possible to do the same, or look for short cuts.

Worse still, you might ignore early signs of not being fit enough and wait till you reach a breakdown stage to see a doctor. So look out for the signs mentioned below to avoid reaching a crucial stage:

A lethargic feeling

If the oxygen in your body does not move around at the right pace you will not feel energetic enough to work out. A feeling of lethargy and tiredness will dog you throughout the day. Keep in mind that exercise increases the blood flow; so try and do light workouts under the guidance of Dangerously Fit Personal Training.

Feeling breathless?

Feeling breathless is not normal – especially when climbing stairs, walking fast or carrying anything heavy. So if you experience any breathlessness it could be a sign that you are physically unfit, and you need to undergo medical testing to check if specific treatment is required.

Obese problem

As mentioned above being overweight is definitely a sign of being physically unfit. The extra kilos that you carry around on your body will put a strain on your cardiovascular system which in turn can cause heart disease and hypertension. Going in for the right work-outs under the supervision of a personal trainer will help you to shed some of the unwanted kilos.

Importance of a good night’s sleep

If you are physically unfit you will probably not enjoy a good night’s sleep. You might take time to sleep or experience fitful sleep, waking up frequently during the night. To overcome this problem you should look at doing daily exercise which will help to regulate your melatonin (sleep hormone).

Suffering from sore muscles?

If you are not fit, you will not enjoy proper respiration. Respiration happens in two separate stages – one called aerobic which produces energy when oxygen is present. If the oxygen gets depleted you will switch over to the anaerobic stage of respiration which has less efficiency. A waste product called lactic acid is then produced and this can result in sore and aching muscles. By working out for about half an hour a day with a Rushcutters Bay boot camp you should be able to overcome the negative phase.

Avoiding getting injured

If you feel tired and your shoulder aches while carrying a few shopping bags, it is a sure sign of being physically unfit. This problem can be avoided if you concentrate on strength and cardio training. Such workouts will help to strengthen the connective ligaments improving your flexibility and preventing injuries from taking place.

4 Tips For Encouraging Corporate Health

Corporate Personal Training

Corporate personal training is important for many reasons. Healthy and active employees can produce more work than people that are not in shape. It is always a good idea that corporations invest in their employees because they produce the bottom line, which carries the company on to profits.

Personal Training Options For Corporations

There are a number of ways that corporations can invest in their employees’ health and fitness needs. They can open a gym on the premises or offer discounted or free rates at a gym nearby.

There are other ways that they can get their employees interested in health and fitness too. They can offer classes that will give the employees a lot of great information about caring about themselves.

Some Corporations Put In A Track For People To Walk Or Run On

In some corporations, they install a track for employees that wish to walk or run on it. This is especially good for when an employee wants to take a break or if they want to stay after work later and exercise. The benefits are fantastic because employees generally take advantage of this option when it is right on the work premises.

Participating in Running Events

A great way to get fit that can also encourage team bonding is taking part in fun runs. Sydney has many of these fun runs, the most popular and famous is the city to surf run that takes place every August.

Dynamic Warm ups Vs Stretching – What’s Better?

Training with a fully qualified personal trainer is vital before performing your strenuous exercises.

Warm ups and stretching comes before starting the rigorous training.It is a very common question asked whether you perform stretches before starting with your exercises or you do a dynamic warm up and then following the stretching exercises after that.

For this reason the fitness training with fully certified trainers is extremely important.

If you’re not sure where to find a personal trainer with the correct qualifications, check out


Why is a dynamic warm up necessary?

Dynamic warm up is quite necessary as it helps raising the body temperature. Doing that also helps in increasing the heart rate which also increases to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

A dynamic warm up session helps your mind to focus on the upcoming strenuous and rigorous exercises. It also reduces injuries or the risk of having injuries and also enhances your performance. Dynamic warm ups are a must even before performing yoga. Dynamic warm ups are a major part of fitness training.

Stretching is done after exercises or at the end of warm ups, this is because when you perform stretching it is mandatory for your muscles to be warm. Stretching works the best when your muscles are warm and it also is a great way to bring your body temperature down. Stretching is also a relaxation exercise which is performed before wrapping up for the day.