Personal Trainer Shares Kettlebell Training Tips To Train Entire Body

Balance and mobility

Progression in age needs your leg strength to be good for moving around. By doing kettlebell rack squats regularly you will be able to increase your leg strength a good bit. Not only your legs, your stabilizing muscles, balance and core can also be improved immensely.

The communication necessary between your different muscle groups and the brain to prevent any act of falling down is also improved, thus avoiding fractures and having to take large doses of calcium and bone supplements.

Exercise for the entire body

Kettlebell Rack Squats are indeed a multi-purpose exercise as they tone and tighten the abs, behind, and legs. Muscles that benefit from squats help with regulation of glucose, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism thus protecting the body from obesity, cardiovascular ailments and diabetes.

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Fat burning

Squats have proven that they are one of the best ways to burn calories and build muscle. Every pound of muscle gained helps the body to burn around 50-70 number of calories in a day. Taking a gain of around 10 pounds in muscle build up, your body will burn around 500-700 calories a day compared to earlier efforts.

Sports front

Squatting has been compared to having a good quota of athletic ability. This exercise has helped many athletes in Europe to jump higher and run faster. In fact a personal trainer would recommend that it becomes a virtual part of all athletic training programmes. A good personal training certification will teach students how to train with kettlebells the proper way, average courses just teach generic stuff.

Helping with injury prevention

When athletes sustain injuries it is often due to weak muscles, connective tissues and ligaments. Doing squats helps to strengthen the items mentioned heretofore. It also improves flexibility especially in areas like the hip and ankles, and is great for maintaining balance.

So do not mistakenly think that squats are just exercises for the legs. The whole body benefits from doing squats, so it should be included in your regular workout routine. As mentioned above it can be done anywhere without requiring any special gym equipment.