Dynamic Warm ups Vs Stretching – What’s Better?

Training with a fully qualified personal trainer is vital before performing your strenuous exercises.

Warm ups and stretching comes before starting the rigorous training.It is a very common question asked whether you perform stretches before starting with your exercises or you do a dynamic warm up and then following the stretching exercises after that.

For this reason the fitness training with fully certified trainers is extremely important.

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Why is a dynamic warm up necessary?

Dynamic warm up is quite necessary as it helps raising the body temperature. Doing that also helps in increasing the heart rate which also increases to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

A dynamic warm up session helps your mind to focus on the upcoming strenuous and rigorous exercises. It also reduces injuries or the risk of having injuries and also enhances your performance. Dynamic warm ups are a must even before performing yoga. Dynamic warm ups are a major part of fitness training.

Stretching is done after exercises or at the end of warm ups, this is because when you perform stretching it is mandatory for your muscles to be warm. Stretching works the best when your muscles are warm and it also is a great way to bring your body temperature down. Stretching is also a relaxation exercise which is performed before wrapping up for the day.